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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

The recently released e-Signage Multi-Touch Display Technology has opened up a complex new world of retail e-Signage campaigns featuring interactive digital content that can be utilized by more than one viewer at the same time.

Creating New Media Technology via Multi-Touch Technology requires programming several mouse-movement queues that work in parallal to track multiple users fingers across the surface of the MultiTouch Display.

The "data footprint" of this of this TouchScreen BrandGame was an amazing 2MB including all 3D, 2D graphics, gameplay logic and the game engine itself. Wallace Jackson can deliver leading-edge, breakthrough e-Signage TouchScreen content that will work on any playback network environment and also work outside the digital signage network if needed for branding campaigns that extend their reach beyond just the e-Signage implementation.

Contact Wallace Jackson via the MindTaffy.com website for more information and/or to obtain information on submitting an RFQ.