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With many of the recent digital signage playback hardware now featuring imbedded Linux, Opera and JavaME, e-Signage JavaFX is now a great solution for robust, interactive, data compact content.

JavaFX is inherently a multi-device development platform, including support on PC, Desktop, Browser, Mobile SmartPhones and Set-Top Boxes (e-Signage) using a unified code base. With the advent of Mobile Phones connunicating with e-Signage hardware in retail, JavaFX represents the best platform for digital content and campaign development for inter-connected digital signage network endeavors.

JavaFX applications can not only run on every device they can also talk to any network protocol, including RSS and Atom Feeds, XML, HTTP, JSON and via Java to many other protocols and even custom data protocols. Via Java interconnectivity JavaFX can also access User Experience technologies such as i3D, Speech Synthesis, Real-World Physics, Inverse Kinematics and can interface with signage-related ancillary hardware via APIs.