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With the recent introduction of TouchScreen and Multi-Touch Displays, e-Signage Interactive 3D is now a virtual reality. Literally...

The other side of the equation for Interactive 3D, also known as i3D, is the real-time 3D rendering engine found in every PC, LapTop, PDA, NetBook, Game Console and SmartPhone. Interestingly, TouchScreen and MultiTouch are also showing up on all of these devices as well.

Interactive 3D for Digital Signage allows real-time viewer interaction with the content, and thus allows the viewer to control their User Experience (UX) unlike with Linear Mediums such as video where the viewer simply watches.

Wallace Jackson has been creating i3D content for the e-Signage and Display Industry for over a decade, using open source software and free players such as Adobe Acrobat 3D Reader and Sun JavaFX and Java3D. i3D can be up to 1000X more data-compact than Flash and Digital Video because it's made from text and not pixels and frames, which are typically extremely data-heavy.