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i3D Product Simulation Created by Wallace Jackson

One of the hottest areas in Digital New Media today is e-Learning because it has the greatest Return On Investment (ROI) of any of the New Media Production undertakings.

The amount of Rich Media Content Processing Power on the client-side, that is, in every PC, LapTop, NetBook, PDA, PocketPC and SmartPhone is staggering.

Thanks to the Game Industry there is a real-time 3D rendering "engine" not only in every PC and SmartPhone but now in every computer processor, so viewers simply cannot get a Consumer Electronic Device these days that does not have real-time interactive 3D co-processing power included.

The impact on e-Learning of being able to visualize products, concepts and technologies in response to user interaction in 100% photoreal fashion including real-world physics and special effects will make e-Learning simulations, in the hands of a seasoned developer and programmer, a fun and entertaining educational experience.