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Tradeshow Multimedia for Product e-Learning Created by Wallace Jackson

One of the most widely accessible forms of digital training is e-Learning WBT which stands for Web-Based Training.

The internet represents a fantastic opportunity for training and e-Learning to reach billions of people, and with the Mobile Internet close behind, to reach even more people in more places (literally).

Today's Browser Technology affords eLearning developers many new media capabilities, many of which will be part of the Browser with the advent of HTML5, including OGG Theora native Digital Video, OGG Vorbia native Digital Audio several image formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF) and robust programming logic (JavaScript).

e-Learnind developer Wallace Jackson hand-codes and hand-optimizes all of the new media content assets and program logic that goes into creating an e-Learning Course, which allows the material to be extremely data-compact and therefore function quickly and smoothly via any network environment, whether it be via Modem, Satellite, Cellular, Mobile (3G | 4G) Network, ISDN, Cable, T1, T3 or DSL.