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NorthStar Mobile e-Learning

One of the new revolutions underway in e-Learning is Mobile & SmartPhone based e-Learning projects.

The ability to learn while out and about via your SmartPhone or Mobile Phone is useful for a number of occupations and implementations. For Service Personnel, for instance, the ability to review interactive 3D diagrams, documents or procedures while at the customer site is invaluable and previously unheard of.

Mobile Network based eLearning is now a reality due to powerful PC-like SmartPhones with large LCD displays and advanced programming languages such as JavaME and JavaFX that are optimized to run efficiently on Mobile Devices and Networks.

Combine these hardware and software factors with the e-Learning content production capabilities and experience of digiutal artisan Wallace Jackson and virtually any corporate training simulation or eLearning Project that one can imagine can be created in less than a megabyte of data footprint to be useable on SmartPhone via Mobile Networks like it was being viewed on a PC via DSL. Amazing.