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One of the hottest new content development paradigms for e-Learning is JavaFX from Sun Microsystems, now owned by Oracle.

The reason JavaFX is so significant for eLearning projects and simulations is that JavaFX content can be delivered via any operating system, any browser, on any desktop and on virtually any Mobile Phone or SmartPhone, all using the same code base.

What this means is that your investment in e-Learning New Media can be spread across Billions of Devices such as PCs, LapTops, NetBooks, PDAs and SmartPhones. Now that's a ton of potential viewers!

Wallace Jackson has been developing new media eLearning applications using Sun Microsystem's Java Programming Platform since he created the Sony Trinitron Technology Tutor (TTT) back in 1999 for Sony's Display Group, using the first production version of Java, Version 1.0.2. Currently Mr. Jackson develops new media and virtual worlds using the latest Java and JavaFX technologies and platforms for major international brands and clients.