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MyHDTVclub ipTV Created by Wallace Jackson

One of the popular ways to implement e-Learning is via ipTV New Media Content distributed on the Web or published on Mobile SmartPhone Networks.

The key to effective ipTV eLearning content is how the content is shot and edited and ensuring the content is compelling as with a linear medium such as Digital Video there is little opportunity for user interaction with the content.

The "data footprint" of ipTV content, especially in HD resolutions, can run away from you if one does not have a handle on proper data optimization technoiques and work processes.

Wallace Jackson recently optimized HD Live Concerts for a leading music publisher when given 4GB to 8GB source files, and optimized these down to 2MB to 4MB for use on Mobile Networks with good viewing quality.

e-Learning content may be able to be optimized to less than 2MB in data footprint if shot, editied, optimized, produced and published effectively.