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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

One of the oldest forms of digital training is the e-Learning DVD or CD-ROM based learning courses.

Today's DVD-ROM Players feature Film-Quality HDTV resolution, interactive and animated menuing capabilities, and soon will feature imbedded programming languages such as Sun's JavaFX.

Everything that is needed to create a portable, compelling, interactive e-Learning experience complete with HD audio and special effects can be accessed via modern HD DVD-ROM development environments given a savvy new media producer is at the helm of the content development process.

Wallace Jackson is a certified content producer for Sony Electronics and uses Sony's DVD Authoring software package, DVD Architect Professional 5.0, to create, program, animate and publish DVD e-Larning content that inspires and educates.

If your company is looking to have eLearning content or projects developed for distribution via DVD or CD-ROM contact Wallace Jackson at the MindTaffy.com website and/or submit an RFQ.