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e-Learning Acrobat 3D Simulation Created by Wallace Jackson

One of the most popular formats for e-Learning is Acrobat 3D due to the incredible popularity and standardization within businesses and governments of the Adobe Acrobat 9.1.2 .PDF file format.

The reason PDF is such an incredible document publishing format for new media based e-Learning is because, since Version 7.0, the Acrobat Reader has supported the interactive, real-time rendering of both 3D and Digital Video data.

In the hands of the right rich media content developer, e-Learning simulations can be created that are a mere 1MB to 2MB in total "data weight," allowing the entire e-Learning tutorial to be sent around easily, even virally, as an e-mail attachment.

Wallace Jackson has been creating i3D PDF eLearning simulations since Acrobat Version 7.0 was introduced several years ago, and a number of sample PDFs, most of which are smaller than 512KB (half a megabyte) in filesize, can be seen on the www.3D4PDF.com website. If you need an eLearning campaign created Mr. Jackson can be contacted via the www.MindTaffy.com website.