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Digital Tradeshow Magazine

Digital Tradeshow Magazine is the first new media publication to utilize interactive 3D, or i3D, technologies to virtualize products and technologies covered in the publication.

The Virtual Tradeshow website that goes with the magazine, will be located at DigitalTradeshow.com will feature an entire tradeshow floor featuring entirely virtual tradeshow booths which leverage popular MMORPG technology made popular back in the days of VRML and more recently via SecondLife.

Manufacturers will be able to accurately replicate their actual tradeshow booth environment, complete with Avatars of the salespeople and i3D virtual products, in a virtual world exposition that is available to their customers 24/7/365.

This DigitalTradeshow environment will contain no branding other than the manufacturer's booth branding (unlike SecondLife) and will use 100% open source technology. The virtual world player for DigitalTradeshow.com will be compatible with every operating system using popular Java technology.