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Digital Tradeshow Magazine

One of the most advanced new media i3D websites on the internet, Digital Tradeshow Magazine covers the latest digital products as well as virtual world technologies. One of the original Contributing Editors, Wallace Jackson has over 18 years experience producing digital tradeshow user experiences and branded digital campaigns for the Consumer Electronics Industry.

Editor Wallace Jackson is also producing the first virtual world tradeshow exhibit hall at www.DigitalTradeshow.com as well as writing for Digital Tradeshow Magazine, covering the i3D products virtualized at DigitalTradeshow.com.

The Digital-Tradeshow.com website is currently less than 100KB for the entire website code structure, and will feature virtual products in under 128KB, so the site will be between one and two megabytes in data weight even when loaded with dozens of virtual products.

If you want your product reviewed or virtualized on Digital Tradeshow Magazine contact Managing Editor Sharlene Ann Leonti: Editor@Digital-Tradeshow.com