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DigitalTradeshow Website Created by Wallace Jackson

One of the most significant international Green exposition projects underway anywhere in the world is the initial development in Santa Barbara, California, of a Green, Virtual Tradeshow World called DigitalTradeshow.com owned by Mind Taffy Design, a virtual worlds development firm with the most vanguard vision for self-sustaining, environmentally clean virtual world expositions.

Wallace Jackson has been named a Founder and Chief Digital Officer [CDO] for DigitalTradeshow.com, and will oversee everything digital for the project, including all software development (Java and JavaFX), the internet, mobile websites and applications for Mobile OSes such as Samsung Bada and Google Android, e-Signage, e-Learning, Virtual World Development, The DT BrandGame, and on-site visitor digital experiences at the virtual world properties.

Wallace Jackson was chosen due to his vast digital content production industry experience as well as his ability to optimize the User Experience and Digital Data Footprint such that any visitor across the globe, on any network or bandwidth, on any O/S Platform, can participate in the Digital Tradeshow Virtual Exposition Experience. Recent support for Samsung Bada has been added to support literally millions of new mobile phones.