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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

Chuntex International [CTX] hired Wallace Jackson in 1992 to create the new media and e-Signage content utilized in their rebranding in the USA as CTX.

After MindTaffy finished the product demos for ViewSonic and OptiQuest in the corporate campus next door to CTX in Walnut, California, we walked over to Chuntex and met with Alex Lee, VP of Marketing about doing the product demos and new media collateral for their new campaign to rebrand Chuntex as CTX International here in the USA.

Mind Taffy created truecolor XGA and SXGA resolution product demos featuring special effects, 3D imagery, 3D animation, 2D image compositing, all carefully calibrated algorithmically to each CTX display product product gamma curve, contrast ratio, refresh rate, physical resolution and other key display technical specifications.

The results of optimized new media content in marketing the products were astounding. CTX International went from an unknown brand in 1992 to the #1 US Display Manufacturer in Sales by 1995. From 1992 until 1995 Mind Taffy Design created CTX's Branding and Marketing new media campaigns and digital collateral for in-store and tradeshow multimedia, showing potential dealers and distributors that CTX could out-perform the competition.