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Compaq Digital Paint Created by Wallace Jackson

In 1999 Compaq Computer leveraged Truecolor Multimedia Product Demos created by Digital Artist Wallace Jackson to demonstrate the quality of Compaq Large Screen HD e-Signage Displays at International Industry Tradeshows and in various Retail Stores around the world. Since then Compaq has been acquired by HP.

The new media marketing campaign was targeted at the emerging High-End Personal Computing market, and was distributed In-Store, via POS, POP and at Tradeshows via High-Definition Digital Signage or E-Signage.

The rich media content executable (.EXE) files contained product information screens featuring custom User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design, 3D Animation, Special Effects, Particle Systems, Digital Imagery, Digital Painting (shown in the image on the left), 3D Full-Screen Page Peels, and custom program logic.

Then entire product demo software deliverable was optimized into 50X less data space than competing Flash and Digital Video rich media file formats. The EXE file was delivered in less than 32MB and contained over 3.2GB of source imagery. A similar quality level delivered in Flash or Digital Video would have been 640MB in filesize.