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Pro Android Graphics Design

Welcome to the Clientele Section of the Wallace Jackson Rich Media Content Production Website. Shown at left is a Branding Poster that was created for KDS for their Visual Sensations Marketing Campaign which was designed and produced for Print, Web and Digital Signage by Wallace Jackson. Interactive Samples of New Media Campaigns created for Sony, Samsung and Tyco can be seen on www.JavaFX3D.com and range from 384KB (Tyco BrandGame) to 1.5MB (Sony and Samsung) each.

Please note that only a sampling of the leading international brands and manufacturers that Wallace Jackson has produced new media advertising campaigns for can be found on this RIA (rich internet applications) new media website. For a complete listing of the international clientele and multimedia projects produced, please visit the MTD website at: www.MindTaffy.com

Clients not covered within this section include: ViewSonic, Nokia, Micron, SGI, ADI Systems, MAG Innovision, Western Digital Corporation, EIZO, Nanao, ProView, Mitsubishi, MaxCall, AltraSonic, Sceptre, Smile, KFC, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), ArtMedia, Techmedia, EZC, MyHDTV, MadeUpMovies, Mountain Forest, Film Industry Clients, Solar Industry Clients, Real Estate Clients, and regional and local business clientele.