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The CelPosters.com Rich Media SmartPhone Application is the second digital property developed for Made Up Movies Producers Jim Armstrong and Steve Ingham by Wallace Jackson, CEO of Mind Taffy Design.

The CelPosters Mobile Phone Application contains dozens of crystal clear images of popular Made Up Movies Posters, as well as an innovative User Interface (UI) allowing users to create their own custom posters, all delivered in less than a single megabyte of data for literally hours of rich media entertainment on popular Mobile OSes such as the Samsung Bada.

The CelPosters Application is designed to fit modern HVGA SmartPhone screens. 320x480 is the screen size found on most mobile phones, including the Apple iPhone, Google Android, Palm Pre, Samsung Bada and RIM Blackberry, and also fits on SmartPhones with larger screens such as the Sony Xperia. The next projects for the Made Up Movies team after the CelPosters Mobile Application is finished include the new Made Up Movies Desktop & Mobile Websites, and PosterPoser Virtual World, where brands, businesses, retailers, visitors and customers will be able to actually create their own 3D posters via Virtual Reality Technology, and then have those posters printed and framed for display at home.