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CelCards Mobile Greeting Cards

New Media Greeting Cards on SmartPhones are the target of the leading-edge new CelCards.com mobile website and application, which will leverage JavaFX 1.2 and it's support under 2,600,000,000 SmartPhones and Mobile Phone Handsets.

The Half-VGA 320 by 480 resolution website and mobile application will be created by Wallace Jackson of Mind Taffy Design in less than one megabyte of data footprint, so as to run at DSL-like speeds on modem and cellular network bandwidths.

The CelCards Mobile Greeting Card Application will feature greeting cards that are three dimensional, and will utilize ipTV, digital video, special effects, MP3, speech synthesis, MIDI, virtual worlds, MMOG, Google Wave and similar emerging new media technologies that are powered by client-side hardware-based technologies now appearning in SmartPhones, Set-Top Boxes and NetBooks.