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CelCards Mobile Application Created by Wallace Jackson

Wallace Jackson is currently in development on the CelCards Mobile e-Greeting e-Cards Website and Mobile Application for PCs, SmartPhones and NetBooks.

CelCards Mobile will be available as a Mobile Website for OperaMini, OperaMobile, FireFox Mobile, Safari Mobile and IE for Mobile, and will also exist as a JavaFX Mobile Application on Mobile Phone Operating Systems that support JavaME, including RIM, Palm, Samsung Bada, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian.

CelCards will also work on other popular consumer electronics platforms, including PCs, Macintosh, LapTops, NetBooks, PDAs, Set-Top Boxes, and future platforms (such as HD DVD Players) that support Java and JavaFX.

This will allow a seamless end-user integration between sending greeting cards to and from Mobile, Desktop and Set-Top Consumer Devices, via the www.CelCards.com mobile website and our LAMP server.

Wallace Jackson is available for design and development of Mobile Websites, Screensaver, Wallpaper, BrandGames and SmartPhone Applications on popular phones (such as Samsung Bada, Windows Mobile and Google Android) for leading international brands and manufacturers.