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MindTaffy 3D Logo Created by iTV Application Designer Wallace Jackson

Digital Artist Wallace Jackson has been involved with digital new media production since the advent of digital video special effects (Amiga & NewTek Video Toaster), MIDI Synthesis (Atari & CuBase), 3D (Amiga & Animation Master) and i3D (Windows, VET, Cult3D, Java3D).

Over the past two decades MindTaffy has produced the most vanguard rich media projects for the leading international brands and manufacturers, including: Sony, Samsung, ViewSonic, Tyco, Dell, Nokia, IBM, Mitsubishi, Compaq, Epson, Sun, SGI, CTX, KDS, ADI, DynaScan, Kinoton, and more, listed on the MindTaffy.com website.

Wallace Jackson attended Berkeley Hall Elementary, The Principia High School, UCLA for an Undergraduate BA in Business Economics, USC for Graduate School MBA in MIS Design, USC again for a Post-Graduate MSBA in Marketing Strategy, and finally one more time for the USC Graduate Entrepreneurship Program.

Mr. Jackson hand-codes in the most standard, open source, content development paradigms, including: i3D PDF, Java, JavaME, JavaFX, JavaTV, Java3D, XML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Lua, MySQL, and PHP, for Internet, iTV, iPad, SmartPhones, HD DVD, eBooks, eSignage and similar emerging digital content platforms.