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MyHDTVclub iTV Website Created by Wallace Jackson

Wallace Jackson is involved with a significant number of Interactive Television or iTV Design Projects, including Ultra-Data-Compact New Media Development Projects, Green Virtual Real Estate Development Projects, Solar Power Generation and Heating Projects and Publications, and Wind Power.

One of the major international projects outlined within this section of the website is the development of the Open Source, international education iTVclassroom.com electronic classroom development project, for which Wallace Jackson has been hired by Search Engine Energy (SEE) to create the programming and 3D user interface.

Wallace Jackson is also the publisher of SolarMag.com and Solar3D.com and soon will be covering (and virtualizing) emerging solar products and technologies on-line, using i3D technologies. Wallace Jackson's rich media content production facility on North Santa Barbara's historic Point Conception Peninsula is also Environmentally Optimized, leveraging solar and wind.